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Tips for Spending Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas

Tips for Spending Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas

Traveling for a holiday comes with a little extra excitement and preparations, as people many look forward to taking time off work and relaxing. If this sounds like you, now is the time to begin preparing for an epic Labor Day weekend. Here, we provide a few tips for spending Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas so that you can plan now and relax later.

Take Advantage of the Pools

Las Vegas weather is just starting to drop near 100 degrees Fahrenheit around Labor Day weekend. So if you’ve been planning to head to town but are looking to avoid the triple digits and heatwave, Labor Day is your chance. The pools during this holiday weekend are full of travelers and relaxers of all types, so consider joining in on the downtime. You can’t go wrong with a poolside beverage. Remember to wear a hat and sunscreen because the sun is still very warm!

Fish for Travel Deals

Holidays can often cause prices on airfare and hotels to fluctuate, so consider fishing for the best deals you can find. By getting a bit of a head start, you can lock in an awesome rate on travel expenses and put more money into your stay. The money you save by finding an excellent deal can go toward vacation expenses like fine dining, tours, shopping, and Vegas shows.

Enjoy a Stellar Show

Vegas has amazing shows and one-of-a-kind talent. Consider using your Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Choose one of the many casinos and resorts and see Cirque de Soleil, a comedy show, or live musical residencies. If you’re looking for a weekend away from work and life’s everyday responsibilities, a show in Vegas can help you achieve just that.

Plan a Tour Off of the Strip

The best tip for spending Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas is to plan something off the Strip. Get away from the lights and glamour and out into the wild, where you can experience breathtaking mountain views and one-of-a-kind experiences. Consider booking a tour with a full-day itinerary so that all you have to do is get on the bus, enjoy the atmosphere, and make memories.

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