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Our Grand Canyon West Rim bus tours from Las Vegas are fun, informative, safe, and convenient.

We are also one of very very few companies to still include the Hoover Dam Bridge Photo Stop on our Grand Canyon Tour.



The Tour of a Lifetime
Complimentary Pickup from your hotel

Leave the glitz of Las Vegas behind and spend a day discovering the beauty of the Grand Canyon West Rim. This full-day tour kicks off with complimentary pick-up from your hotel (or a one very close by), where you board our air-conditioned luxury bus.

Sit-Down Breakfast
Hot Restaurant Breakfast
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We then whisk you off (we don't change buses like some companies) straight to breakfast with a freshly cooked made-to-order hot meal at a local restaurant so that you are fully energized for the rest of the day.

Two Icons for the Price of One
Hoover Dam Photo Stop

We are proud to be one of the only tours left that includes a stop off at the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge for a once-in-a-lifetime photo op. Built during the Great Depression and now roughly 90 years old, this modern marvel is a testament to human imagination and engineering, even in the face of great adversity.

A Full Day of Awe-Inspiring Sights
Drive through the Joshua Tree Forest and the Black Mountains
Comedy Bus Tours In Vegas | Comedy on Deck Tours, Las Vegas, NV

You’ll traverse the Joshua Tree Forest and Black Mountains in Route to the Western Rim, where your comedian-turned-tour guide will share fun (and hopefully, funny) facts and history about the natural splendor that surrounds you.

Nature, Culture, and Freedom
Arrival At Grand Canyon West
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Included in your package, is a full entrance ticket into the Grand Canyon West. Upon reaching the Canyon, you will be your hosts for the day - the Hualapai Indians!. They will share customary Hualapai traditions, all while adorned in authentic tribal attire and eager to share their culture’s history and performances for your enrichment.

Lunch at the Canyon
Complimentary Restaurant Lunch

We include a scenic BBQ lunch at the Guano Point Restaurant. The views from here while you enjoy your food are quite simply incredible, and we would even wager that this could quite possibly be the most scenic meal you have ever had! (Gluten free and vegetarians options are also available)

Awe-inspiring Site
Guano Point
Best time to visit Grand Canyon

The tour includes plenty of time at Guano Point. From here some of the best views of the canyon can be experienced. For the adventurous (and this is totally optional), you may choose to embark upon an upward climb to the peak of Guano Point. At this peak, you will have an almost 360 degree view of the canyon, and you will witness fascinating views of the Colorado River below, and the naturally painted colors of the Grand Canyon walls from every direction. Be sure to take a moment to appreciate the silence and solitude exclusive to this remarkable area. Here, nature’s stillness and beauty are unparalleled. You may also take a leisurely stroll around guano point to experience incredible views all around.

Experience This world-famous attraction
SkyWalk (Optional Add-On)
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The Skywalk is located at Eagle Point, 4000’ above the Colorado River. This amazing lookout area grants a near-360 degree view of the Canyon’s Western Rim, over a glass-framed cantilever style bridge for an optimal observation experience.  Its horseshoe-shaped frame floats over the canyon, which allows visitors to feel like they are walking on air. You can see clear down to the canyon floor from the Skywalk, so it is a truly unique view and is a very popular attraction at the Grand Canyon

Back to Reality
Souvenir shopping and then Return to Vegas
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At the Canyon you will have 3.5 hours to explore all the various attractions that are available. This will give you more than enough time to experience everything the canyon has to offer, plus of course leave some time at the end for a little bit of shopping at the end. You will have the opportunity to purchase authentic, handmade Native American crafts and jewelry and other souvenirs to remember your visit to this special and beautiful place.

On your drive back to Vegas, the guide will give you some time to relax and maybe take a short nap, and then as we arrive back to Vegas you will receive tips and tricks on how to enhance your Vegas Vacation from your Comedian Guide who knows Vegas like the back of his/her hand!

We then drop you back off again at your hotel and leave you to enjoy the rest of your evening and remaining vacation in Las Vegas

Helicopter (Optional Add-on)

During this once-in-a-lifetime 45 minute experience, you will encounter spectacular birds-eye views of the canyon and lands sacred to the Haulapai Tribe. Upon reaching Quartermaster Canyon, you will spend 20 minutes on the canyon floor where you can capture this special moment with photos and video that will ensure these memories stay with you forever. You will then  board the helicopter again, and the flight climbs back alongside the canyon wall, clears the rim, and returns to the helipad.

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VIP Bus access

At the canyon, anyone else NOT on our tour has to transfer to a shuttle bus in order to access all the different sites at the Canyon. These buses often have long lines and waits of over an hour to board. However Comedy on Deck has VIP bus access, which means we are allowed to use OUR bus to transport you around, saving you time, and making your day run a lot smoother.


Unlike other companies, when we talk about our guides, we aren't talking about our drivers who double as guides. We have step-on tour guides in addition to drivers. They are fully trained, fun, interactive and knowledgeable. They truly make the difference in your Grand Canyon West Rim bus tour experience.


We aren't standard, we don't take you to a central location, check you in and reload you onto another bus. We pick up and leave town on the same bus which saves nearly two hours in the morning. therefore we get back a few hours before other tour buses, which gives you plenty of time to do additional activities in the evening.

Restaurant Meals

Unlike other tour companies who simply give you a danish and juice box on the bus, we start the day with a sit down , hot made to order breakfast at a local Henderson restaurant, to give you plenty of energy for the exciting day ahead. Then at the canyon you receive a tasty BBQ lunch on the canyon rim.

Hoover Dam Photo Stop

Before heading off to the Canyon, we make a stop at the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge where you get plenty of time to admire the incredible Hoover Dam, and get some truly beautiful pictures. Very few companies include this on their Grand Canyon Tours

A Twist on the usual tour

We aren't just another standard tour company. We are unique and different as all of our guides are also professional stand up comedians, and are experts at keeping everyone on the bus safe, entertained and happy

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