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Hoover Dam Bus Tour


When you visit the Hoover Dam with Comedy On Deck Tours, you will enjoy an experience like no other tour company in Las Vegas offers. Not only do we take you to the Dam, but we specialize in making your adventure as convenient as possible. At the start of the trip, we’ll pick you up at your hotel in a bus stocked with bottled water, so you can feel more comfortable in the desert heat. Plus, we give you the opportunity to enjoy additional sights along the way.

For example, during our bus tour to Hoover Dam from Las Vegas, we’ll take the time to stop at locations such as the renowned Las Vegas “Welcome” sign and the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, so you can enjoy the sights and take photos. Plus, our bus will take a trip through Boulder City, which shares a strong connection with the Hoover Dam.

Visitors will also get to enjoy plenty of exclusives during our Hoover Dam bus tour. This includes a 45-minute tour at the very top of the Dam, plus the chance to walk through its power plant and visit its engine room. We’ll even provide you with access to the Dam’s Visitor Center.

After walking through these areas and seeing the sights, you’re likely to have built up an appetite! That’s why Comedy On Deck Tours prides itself on offering a Hoover Dam tour with lunch included. You’ll have the chance to sit down at a local restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal.

Once we return to Las Vegas, we’ll make things even easier for you by dropping you off at your hotel, so you won’t have to worry about how you’ll get back. It’s all part of the friendly service we specialize in offering.

For nearly 20 years, Comedy On Deck Tours has taken thousands of satisfied visitors on its Hoover Dam bus tour. Make sure you visit this engineering marvel with the company that knows how to give you the best experience possible at the Dam.



Complimentary Hotel Pickup

Your day starts with complimentary pick-up from your hotel or a hotel VERY close to you. We don't stop at every single hotel on the strip, as this would add hours onto the journey - we prefer to spend more time at the dam, and less time doing pick-ups. But don't worry - if we don't stop at your exact hotel, there will be another hotel very close by that we do stop at!

Photo stop at the Las Vegas Welcome Sign
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You can't leave Vegas without getting a photo in front of the famous historic "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. Our guides know the best spots to stand, without having to wait in any lines!

Drive through historic Boulder City
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On the way to the dam, we drive through historic Boulder City where the guide will impart stories of the history of this unique small-town American community. You will also see and learn about the famous dingbat houses that were constructed for the Hoover Dam workers.

Photo Stop at the Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge
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For the very best views and photos of the Hoover Dam, we make a 25 minute photo stop at the Memorial Bridge. 

Exclusive "Walk on the Top" at the Dam
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Once you arrive at the dam, your guide will take you on an exclusive 45-minute guided tour on top of the dam! During this tour, the guide will touch on a variety of topics, including the operations of the dam, fascinating stories of its construction, fun facts, and the low-down on just HOW many bodies are really buried inside the dam!

Journey down INTO the dam to experience the powerplant Tour
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This tour INCLUDES the ticket for the  powerplant tour. You will journey down into the dam, where you will receive a 30-minute guided tour to a viewing platform overlooking a 30-foot diameter penstock pipe and the Nevada wing of the Powerplant, admission to Visitor Center exhibits and observation deck, and the 1940s era Original Exhibit Building topographical map presentation.

Free time at the Dam
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After the tour, you have plenty of free time to enjoy the dam on your own, including being able to  get all the photos you desire, and a visit to the "Dam Gift Store"

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We wouldn't want you going back to your hotel on an empty stomach! Hence we take everyone to lunch at a local restaurant, where we buy you a hot made-to-order freshly cooked lunch.

Drop-off back at your hotel
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On the short drive back to Vegas, your guide will give you lots of advice and secret tips on activities to do in Las Vegas. We then say a sad goodbye to you, as we drop you off back at your hotel.


The Hoover Dam is not just any dam – it impounds the largest reservoir in the United States. This architectural wonder serves power and utilities to residents of Arizona, California, and Nevada. Over a million people a year visit the dam to understand how such a colossal structure operates and discover the marvel of human capability. 

The history of the dam is unique. The project began at the height of the Great Depression and provided thousands of jobs for those in need. The construction timeline faced many challenges, as a concrete project of this size had never found an attempt before. The final result has been renowned as a testament to the American dream – hardworking spirit, community favor, and craftsmanship. 

Visiting the Hoover Dam reveals all the compelling stories that emerged during its establishment and the protections provided to Southwestern residents. For nearly a century, visitors have come to pay homage and learn about the might and awe of the concrete colossus, and revel in its wonder. We invite you to the Ultimate VIP tour that will deliver the most intriguing Hoover Dam experience – inside and out.

Visit a Treasured Piece of American History

All guests who attend our Ultimate VIP Hoover dam tour always bring back many memories. Not to mention – a new perspective on one of the most significant structures in the United States. The visits have become an essential part of your Las Vegas journey – and we invite you to become part of the tour’s lucrative history.

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Unlike other companies, when we talk about our guides, we aren't talking about our drivers who double as guides. We have step-on tour guides in addition to drivers. They are fully trained, fun, interactive and knowledgeable. They truly make the difference in your tour experience.


We aren't standard, we don't take you to a central location, check you in and reload you onto another bus. We pick up and leave town on the same bus which saves nearly two hours in the morning. therefore we get back a few hours before other tour buses.

Interior tour

Our tickets INCLUDE full access to the interior of the dam. This is in addition to the 'walk on the top'. You will get to tour the powerplant, generator room, interior tunnels, and really get into the heart of the dam and learn about its inner workings.

Restaurant Meals

Unlike other tour companies who do not include any meals with their tours, we finish the tour with a hot sit-down ,made to order lunch at a local Henderson restaurant, so that you arrive back to your hotel refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of your afternoon and evening in Vegas!

Guided Tour

We are the only company in town to include a free 45 minute walk on TOP of the dam where our dam guides will tell you stories about how the dam was built, urban legends, secrets of the dam etc.

A Twist on the usual tour

We aren't just another standard tour company. We are unique and different as all of our guides are also professional stand up comedians, and are experts at keeping everyone on the bus safe, entertained and happy

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