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Comedy on Deck is a unique family-owned tour company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We are known for our fun and memorable tours to the Grand Canyon and especially Hoover Dam.

We began running tours from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam in 2003. We realized that there was a gap in the market for guests who want to explore the beautiful Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, while also having a fun and funny comedian tour guide, rather than just a normal tour guide.

We have remained a small company that focuses on quality not quantity. Most days we go out with just one bus to Hoover Dam and one bus tour to the Grand Canyon West Rim. To date we have taken over half a million people to the grand canyon, and over 600,000 people to the Dam and are very proud of all the 5 star reviews we have received, and the continued feedback we get that we really are the best DAM tour company in the world!

Take The Best Dam Tour of your life!