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No Plan, No Problem: Last Minute Things To Do in Las Vegas

No Plan, No Problem: Last Minute Things To Do in Las Vegas

Creating a Vegas-themed itinerary is all fun and games until you catch the red-eye and suddenly feel overwhelmed with options. What’s unique about it is no matter what you do and how much you plan, there is always something to do, eat, and see in Sin City. Below, we explore a few last-minute things to do in Las Vegas that’ll not only keep you occupied but give you a memorable experience. No plan? No problem. We’ve got you covered!

Explore Your Freebies

Believe it or not, Vegas offers a wide range of freebies that are open throughout the day and night, and each offers a unique experience. Additionally, these activities won’t consume your day or evening, but the option is on the table should you need something to pass the time or want to remain lowkey.

Some popular options are wandering downtown at the Fremont Street Experience and walking the Strip to enjoy the free outdoor resort shows. The Bellagio Fountain features synchronized water, music, and color. It’s a sprawling view of the resort and casino with a delightfully impeccable water show. This activity requires no advanced notice and leaves you open to more exploration.

Fill a Seat on a Tour Bus

Taking a tour might feel like you’ll need to prepare, but the cool thing about booking through Comedy on Deck is you can reserve your seats at pretty short notice. You will want to book your spots at least one day in advance to ensure you’re on time for your pickup.

If you need something to do all day and don’t want to worry about the details, the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon bus tours are excellent options. We cover all the details, including meals, ride arrangements, and pickup and drop-off. All you need to do is have your tickets!

Enjoy a One-of-a-Kind Dining Experience

You might come to Las Vegas for a number of reasons, and all are valid. But coming here to enjoy the food is an experience in and of itself. You can take your pick from iconic, five-star chef destinations to local favorites; you can’t go wrong.

Some locations may require you to make a reservation, but for those that don’t, you can simply walk in and wait for your table. Anywhere you turn, there’s a place you’ve never heard of with a menu you’ve never seen.

No plan? No problem. These few quick and simple last-minute things to do in Las Vegas can get the job done. Comedy on Deck runs tours 365 days a year with every detail mapped out. Purchase your bus seats today and get ready for the experience of a lifetime tomorrow!

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