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A Scenic Ride: From Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam

A Scenic Ride: From Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam

When people think of Las Vegas, they often envision the glitz and glamor of the Strip, bustling nightlife, and endless entertainment options. However, Las Vegas is located close to a true triumph of engineering: the Hoover Dam. And there are plenty of engaging sights you can see on your journey between these two destinations. Learn about the scenic ride you can take as you travel from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam.

Visit The Las Vegas Welcome Sign

The iconic Las Vegas Welcome sign is one landmark you should see during your trip. Designed in 1959, this sign offers a fantastic photo opportunity for visitors. This neon sign marks the southern end of the Strip and is 25 feet tall.

Once you’ve snapped your obligatory selfie with the legendary sign, it’s time to continue your journey. The next destination on your scenic ride is Boulder City, Nevada.

Travel Through Boulder City

After driving approximately 26 miles from Las Vegas, you’ll arrive at the historic town of Boulder City, which the US government constructed in 1930 to accommodate workers who had come to the area to erect the Hoover Dam. The dingbat homes that housed these workers still stand today, along with other attractions.

Highlights of this city include art displays erected by the Boulder City Public Art Scape and various public areas. These include the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, which will wow you with its massive lakes.

Sightsee at the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

As you approach the Hoover Dam, you won’t want to miss the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, which people also refer to as the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge. The structure took its name in honor of former Nevada Governor Mike O’Callaghan and NFL star Pat Tillman, who died while serving in the US Army.

The 1,900-foot structure stands 890 feet over the Colorado River, allowing travelers to efficiently reach the dam. When you stop to look at it, marvel at how builders created it with an arch-gravity structure to endure the local weather and earthquakes.

Upon reaching the dam, spend some time exploring this remarkable feat of engineering. If you would like to see all these sights, contact Comedy on Deck Tours. Our Hoover Dam bus tour will allow you to experience the wonder of the Hoover Dam while learning about these other attractions.

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