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A Look at Key Ways Las Vegas Changed Since 2020

A Look at Key Ways Las Vegas Changed Since 2020

Throughout its history, Las Vegas has earned a reputation as a city synonymous with dazzling lights and endless sources of entertainment. But Sin City also has not been immune to change, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although this global emergency resulted in major losses in the tourism business, Las Vegas has since rebounded strongly while evolving in several ways. Read on for a look at key ways Las Vegas has changed since 2020.

Las Vegas Has Become a Sports Hub

Earning its reputation as a sports hub is one of the ways Las Vegas has morphed in recent years. Read below about several events that moved the city into the latest chapter of its entertainment legacy.

Sin City Became the Home of the Raiders

The arrival of the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders in 2020 was one event that marked Las Vegas’ transition. Three teams—the Raiders, the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces, and the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights—have helped bring a new form of entertainment to the city and united locals and visitors alike in their passion for sports. Their presence has also helped Las Vegas move from a city famed primarily for its casinos and nightlife to a more multifaceted entertainment capital.

The City Has Hosted Major Sports Events

The fact that Las Vegas has hosted major sporting events since 2020 also has reinforced its status as a premiere sports destination. These included the NFL Draft and the NHL All-Star Game in 2022, which helped draw fans from around the globe and put a spotlight on the city’s capability to host large-scale events.

The city also hosted the Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2023, which will run again this year. Sin City’s Allegiant Stadium also served as the location of the Super Bowl LVIII, where the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers. Beyond these marquee events, Las Vegas has also become a favored location for boxing matches, UFC fights, and e-sports tournaments, further diversifying its entertainment offerings.

The Oakland A’s Will Move to Vegas

The Oakland Athletics have announced plans to relocate to Las Vegas in a move that further cements Las Vegas’s emerging status as a major sports city. The A’s, a storied MLB team with a rich history, will bring a new level of excitement to the area.

This relocation should boost local enthusiasm for baseball, drive economic benefits through the construction of a state-of-the-art stadium, and attract additional visitors to the city. The move also reflects the broader trend of Las Vegas diversifying its entertainment and cultural offerings, making it more than just a gaming and nightlife hub.

Las Vegas Said “Goodbye” to The Tropicana

Las Vegas has seen the shutdown of several long-running businesses, including the closure of one of its most iconic landmarks, The Tropicana. Known for its vibrant history and as a symbol of old Vegas glamor, it had been a local institution since the 1950s.

Vegas-associated acts like Siegfried & Roy and Wayne Newton performed at the hotel, and famous movies such as “The Godfather” and “Diamonds Are Forever” were filmed there. The departure of such a storied establishment serves as another key way Las Vegas has changed since 2020 and a poignant reminder of the city’s continuous transformation, balancing the excitement of the new with the memories of the past.

The City Added the Fontainebleau

As businesses closed in Las Vegas over the last four years, others have opened, including the Fontainebleau Las Vegas Hotel, a towering addition to the city’s already impressive skyline. The completion of the project, which has been in the works for more than two decades, reflects the city’s upswing in tourism since the pandemic.

Since its opening last year, the Fontainebleau has offered a fresh landmark for tourists with its state-of-the-art facilities, elegant accommodations, and advanced conference center. This development not only reflects Las Vegas’ resilience but also illustrates the city’s relentless pursuit of excellence and its unyielding capacity to dazzle and thrive.

Las Vegas Will Continue To Expand Its Footprint

Going forward, tourists and residents of Las Vegas can expect the city to continue evolving. Las Vegas is currently experiencing significant expansion in its physical infrastructure and real estate development. This growth not only accommodates the city’s burgeoning industries but also reshapes its skyline, reflecting its status as a dynamic, forward-moving city. Read on to learn about two of these future projects.

Civic Plaza

Las Vegas will enrich its urban landscape with the Civic Plaza, an ambitious project that aims to further rejuvenate the city’s downtown area. This sprawling plaza will be a versatile space that accommodates public gatherings, concerts, and other community activities. It will also be adjacent to Las Vegas City Hall and extend across a city block.

Beyond its functional appeal, the Civic Plaza will feature modern architectural design and highlight Las Vegas’s commitment to environmental consciousness. The project represents a physical space and a symbol of the city’s ongoing evolution, offering a communal area that encourages social interaction, cultural expression, and civic pride.

Vegas Loop

The Vegas Loop is another groundbreaking project that exemplifies Las Vegas’s commitment to innovative urban development. Spearheaded by The Boring Company, this ambitious transportation initiative intends to revolutionize how people move around the city.

Consisting of underground tunnels, the Vegas Loop aims to reduce surface traffic congestion and provide a fast, convenient, and futuristic way for residents and visitors to navigate the city. This high-speed transit system promises to enhance the city’s infrastructure and add a cutting-edge element to its already dynamic and forward-thinking persona. The introduction of the Vegas Loop will have the potential to further cement Las Vegas’s status as a city that embraces bold technological advancements for improving urban life.

These examples show that Las Vegas’ previous and future changes will continue to make it a thriving tourist destination. However, other attractions outside the city will continue to attract visitors, including the Hoover Dam. Comedy on Deck Tours offers its Hoover Dam comedy bus tour if you would like to see this triumph of engineering. Our guides will entertain you with humor as you learn about the Dam, explore its powerplant, and go on an exclusive walk on the very top of the Dam itself.

A Look at Key Ways Las Vegas Changed Since 2020

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