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What Makes a VIP Bus Tour of the Hoover Dam So Special?

What Makes a VIP Bus Tour of the Hoover Dam So Special?

When tourists visit a national landmark like the Hoover Dam, they want to see the most amazing sights and have the best experience possible. You can make the most of your journey with a VIP bus tour of this engineering triumph. If you are on the fence about taking such a trip, read on to learn what makes a VIP bus tour of the Hoover Dam so special.

An Entertaining Guide Will Take You Through the Dam

When you go on a tour of the Hoover Dam, you expect to have a knowledgeable guide lead you through this attraction. When you take a VIP bus tour, you get a guide who not only knows about the Hoover Dam but one that will keep you entertained as well.

Your guide is a talented stand-up comedian who focuses on keeping you laughing during your trip so that you won’t feel as though you were in a class strictly focused on learning about the Hoover Dam. Their presence will make the experience more relaxed and enjoyable instead of becoming too serious. After all, you are on vacation!

You Will Have Exclusive Access to Sights at the Dam

Another element that makes a VIP bus tour of the Hoover Dam so special is the access to the sights you see. When you choose the Comedy on Deck Tours’ VIP option, you will spend nearly an hour on top of the Hoover Dam while your guide tells you about its construction and how it operates today.

During your trip, you’ll also have the chance to walk around inside the Hoover Dam and visit such areas as its generator room. This extensive access will allow you to see the landmark’s major sights and ensure your journey is worth it.

You Will Receive a High Level of Service

Finally, taking a VIP bus tour of the Hoover Dam ensures you get the customer service you deserve. Planners have designed the trip to make the most of your time and skip the unnecessary step of moving you from one bus to another.

Instead, you can take your trip and return to Las Vegas with plenty of time to engage in other activities during the rest of your day. That is a level of consideration that some tours do not offer.

The trip also includes a well-prepared, warm restaurant lunch after the tour. That gives you the chance to refuel and reflect on the amazing sights you have seen at the Hoover Dam instead of returning to Sin City with a growling stomach.

Now that you know the advantages of a VIP bus tour, why settle for anything less? Comedy on Deck Tours’ bus tour to Hoover Dam from Las Vegas specializes in giving visitors a fully immersive trip to this historical landmark. We can teach you and your family plenty about the Dam while making sure you have a fun time as well.

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