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Safety Tips for Families Walking the Top of the Hoover Dam

Safety Tips for Families Walking the Top of the Hoover Dam

Are you and your family planning a trip to the Hoover Dam? If so, you are in for an unforgettable experience as you walk on the top of one of the United States’ most iconic landmarks! Before going on this adventure, you need to get familiar with safety tips for families walking the top of the Hoover Dam. Then, you and your whole family can make the most of this trip and avoid incidents that would mar your memories.

Dress Appropriately

One tip for walking across the Hoover Dam is to dress appropriately. The dam is in Nevada, so you will need clothes that protect you from scorching sun rays. Since the top of the dam is so high up, it gets windy up there. Remember to dress in clothes that won’t blow away in gusty winds!

During the warmer seasons, wear light, breathable clothing and sunglasses. A hat might blow away in the wind! During the cooler times of the year, it’s a good idea to bring or wear a coat to stay warm. For footwear, wear comfy shoes or boots with non-slip soles. It’s hard to appreciate the beautiful nature and impressive architecture around you when all you can focus on is how sore your feet are or the fact that you can’t see because you forgot your sunglasses.

Bring a Water Bottle

The Hoover Dam is in the desert, which means temperatures can get scorching hot during certain times of the year, namely the spring and summer. Remember to bring water bottles for your whole family so that everyone can stay hydrated as you take in the views atop the dam.

Rules at the Hoover Dam restrict visitors from bringing canned soda or other beverages in a cup, but they do allow water bottles. No need to worry if you or another family member runs out of water during your adventure! You can simply refill it at one of the many fountains at the dam.

Wear Sunscreen

One of the last things you want to happen is to get a sunburn during your trip to the Hoover Dam with your family. Wearing sunscreen is a big safety tip for families walking on top of the Hoover Dam.

As you and your family make the trek across the dam, you will see that there’s not much shade. The Nevada sunshine might be stronger than in your hometown, so sunscreen can be your knight in shining armor! Lather up with a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to guard your skin against the sun’s rays. This is especially important for your kids, so help them apply sunscreen. Also, re-apply the sunscreen after a few hours for maximum protection. The only thing you’ll take away from your unforgettable Hoover Dam adventure are fabulous memories, not lobster-red sunburns!

Keep Children Close By

If you are visiting the Hoover Dam with children, it’s important to keep them close by. With so many people and vehicles around, it’s easy for children to wander off or become distracted. You wouldn’t want to lose track of your kiddos in a busy supermarket, so keep them within arm’s reach or hold their hand during your adventure at the Hoover Dam.

This landmark isn’t a playground, so make sure your little ones know that the rule of the day is to stick with their parents while having a good time.

Don’t Let Your Kids Throw Anything From the Dam

Another rule that’s especially important for your kids to know is that they should never throw anything over the side of the dam. This safety tip might seem obvious to adults, but the number of young ones who want to test the law of gravity might surprise you.

This landmark is here for people to explore and learn about, not for your little ones to cast away their lunch scraps. Make sure that they are on their best behavior and that they don’t drop any objects over the edge of the dam.

Bring First-Aid Supplies

Despite your best efforts to be careful during your trip, you or your child might get hurt while walking across the top of the dam. So, pack some first-aid supplies in order to tend to the boo-boo quickly.

Consider it your family’s superhero toolbelt, and you’re the protector ready to mend injuries in a flash. You’ll be able to bandage that scrape and return to taking in the stunning views and the awe-inspiring architecture of the Hoover Dam!

Leave Fireworks and Weapons at Home

Here’s a tip that is as bright as a Fourth of July display: don’t bring fireworks to the Hoover Dam! Instead, leave them at home. While it might be tempting to celebrate your visit to the dam with a bang, it’s definitely not the place for pyrotechnics. You may cause a great disturbance and an unfortunate accident.

The same goes for weapons. Leave those at home, as well. You should only be shooting photos of your family’s fantastic smiles against the backdrop of this monumental marvel. Safety is the sparkler that lights up the fun at the Hoover Dam, so let’s keep it that way!

Listen to and Respect Your Tour Guide

Listening to and respecting your tour guide at the Hoover Dam is our final safety tip. Their job is to keep you safe and ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience. If a guide asks you to do or not do something, follow their instructions. It’s in your best interest and could guarantee your safety and that of other people around you.

With these safety tips in mind, you and your family can have a memorable and safe trip atop the Hoover Dam! Comedy on Deck Tours offers a Hoover Dam bus tour from Las Vegas that will allow you to see the top, along with the powerplant and exhibits in the visitor’s center. We also provide a freshly cooked lunch and a guide who will keep your family laughing as you learn about this amazing US landmark.

Safety Tips for Families Walking the Top of the Hoover Dam

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