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7 Reasons the Hoover Dam Is a Must-See Destination

7 Reasons the Hoover Dam Is a Must-See Destination

Vacationing in the desert can lead many travelers to believe there isn’t much for them to do. The good news is this belief is false. A few historic and iconic destinations draw in millions of visitors annually, in addition to all the lounging, adventuring, and gambling. Your proximity to the Hoover Dam makes it a must-see destination whenever you’re in Las Vegas. Not sure what to look for? No worries. We gathered some of the best reasons to visit the Hoover Dam and why this must-see destination makes for great memories.

Short Distance From the Valley

Easily, the short distance from the valley makes visiting the Hoover Dam a no-brainer. You don’t have to travel far before you can gaze over a national treasure. Only 36 short miles divide the heart of the valley and the Hoover Dam, making it accessible to almost every traveler.

With this short distance, you can rest assured knowing your time in the valley and the Hoover Dam will pair nicely. You can enjoy the morning or afternoon doing all your planned activities around Las Vegas and spend the middle portion of your day touring the Dam. This itinerary works for every traveling group and Vegas visitor from couple’s getaways to group outings to solo missions.

There Are No Bad Views

The saying, “there are no bad views” couldn’t be any more accurate with the Hoover Dam. It doesn’t matter where you walk, sit, or stand, each angle and turn you make will give you something new and breathtaking to enjoy.

At the top of the walkway bridge, you can look down into the Dam and experience a thrill-seeking drop, only visually of course. You can also look across to Lake Mead or down into the Dam and witness engineering magic when you’re on the platform. The surrounding mountains and impeccable skies are always a treat and definitely make this all-encompassing environment a photogenic moment.

Two States, One Visit

You’ve probably heard of the Four Corners Monument where you can stand in New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado at one time. It’s a neat monument. But at the Hoover Dam, you can take in the breathtaking landscape, enjoy a piece of American history, and stand between two states: Nevada and Arizona.

On the Arizonan side of the Dam, you’re looking at the Colorado River. On the Nevadan side, you’re looking at Lake Mead. Go ahead and grab a photo with the state signs so you can reflect on how cool your experience really was.

Tours Give You Detailed Access

You may rent a vehicle during your visit to Las Vegas so you can travel to and from the Hoover Dam as you please. While there’s nothing wrong with doing that, you’re only a fraction of the experience with a few photos in between. You’ll want to book a Hoover Dam bus tour for all other Dam visits. Why? Because our bus tour not only picks you up and takes you back to the valley, but it includes exclusive detailed access around the Dam, including access to spaces only allowed to those with tour guides.

Comedy on Deck Tours also offers hot lunches from top-notch restaurants, so you’re sure to get the most bang for your buck. You’ll be back in the valley and at your resort with enough time to continue enjoying your afternoon and evening doing things the Vegas way.

Embark on a Little History

The Hoover Dam is a participant in some rich American history, and by touring the area with a group, you’ll have the opportunity to embark on this journey. You’ll learn when the Dam was built, the purpose for its construction, how it operates today, and the future goals for the Dam.

This kind of tour might be boring to some, but this information is captivating to the millions that visit each year. The Hoover Dam plays a significant role in sustaining the livelihoods of many surrounding cities, so it’s intriguing to learn about and it’s one of the top reasons the Hoover Dam is a must-see destination.

You’re Close to the Grand Canyon

Depending on your Vegas vacation plans, you might want to go ahead and make a full day of your Hoover Dam adventures and keep going toward the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon finds its way onto many bucket lists each year. In as little as an hour, you can travel from the Dam to the Grand Canyon and capture more breathtaking photos.

It’s worth your time to consider coordinating a visit to the Grand Canyon with your tour bus guide since these all-inclusive tours also include a stop at the Hoover Dam. If both items are on your bucket list, Comedy on Deck can help you achieve it!

Witness an Engineering Wonder

The engineering, construction, and sole intent of the Hoover Dam make it one of the most appealing and mind-blowing visits for travelers. Once your tour guides begin unraveling some of the iconic history of the Dam, you’ll begin to understand that the engineering capacity and capabilities for this massive infrastructure are astonishing.

The construction of the Dam began more than 90 years ago, which also makes some of its engineering details that much more impressive. It required workers to drill through rock and sandstone, implement precision blasting, and lay concrete in meticulous ways to create a well-thought-out hydroelectric monolith. A guided tour allows you to better understand the engineering feats the Dam required through the decades and will leave you with a fonder appreciation for the Dam and all those who rely on it.

Don’t hesitate to turn your typical Vegas vacation into a life-changing, memorable getaway. Vegas is close to some of the nation’s most iconic stops, so while in town, make plans to do a little sightseeing. Comedy on Deck Tours is open 365 days a year, ensuring all vacationers and bucket-list holders get their chance to hop on one of our premier tour buses to enjoy the Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon. Reserve your Hoover Dam tour today or contact us to learn more about our all-inclusive tours, group rates, and accommodations!

7 Reasons the Hoover Dam Is a Must-See Destination

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