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Grand Canyon tour bus from Las Vegas | The Importance of the Grand Canyon

The Importance Of The Grand Canyon

Just the phrase “Grand Canyon” brings up images from motion pictures, breathtaking photos, and travel tales from relatives who have been to America’s deepest and greatest canyon. It is one of the most popular national parks in the country. It can be challenging to pinpoint just why the Grand Canyon is so significant given the amount of hype that surrounds it, and the advent of “Instagram-tourism,” Continue reading to know the importance of the canyon. 

How Important Is The Grand Canyon?

Important To Native Americans 

Visitors should be aware that the canyon is more than just a park; Native Americans have a historically strong and spiritual connection to the area. 11 Native American tribes have had close ties to the Canyon and have been residing around the rims. Many tribes’ origin myths and narratives of heaven and hell have references to the Grand Canyon. At the bottom of the canyon, the Colorado River is said to be a sacred location where worries and burdens can be spiritually washed away.

Important For Wildlife 

Contrary to popular belief, the Grand Canyon is home to a lot more species. On your next excursion to the canyon, you might encounter elk, squirrels, different types of reptiles, mammals, and other bird species. But, there are several pretty unique species that are totally dependent on the canyon, like the California Condor, the greatest and largest bird in North America. 

Important To Geologist 

Finding a massive rock column that has been maintained so well and compares to the Grand Canyon is unusual. This makes the canyon among the best locations to study geology since it allows researchers to examine hundreds or thousands of years of geologic history in one location! 

Important For The Community

Due to the enormous number of visitors to the canyon in 2019, Arizona received $3.8 billion in taxes from tourists alone. Given its size and ranking as the second-most visited national park in America, it is easy to see how the Grand Canyon benefits the communities. Nearly 6.2 million tourists visited Grand Canyon National Park for leisure in 2018, which had a $667 million positive local economic impact.

Visiting this national park is a must to understand its importance and witness its beauty. The best way to do this is by taking a bus tour to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. Contact Comedy on Deck Tours at 702.384.3325 to book your trip today!

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