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5 Tips for Doing a Grand Canyon Bus Tour With Young Kids

5 Tips for Doing a Grand Canyon Bus Tour With Young Kids

Taking a trip to the Grand Canyon is a popular choice for many families. Embarking on a bus tour is one of the best ways to enjoy this natural wonder. But parents with young children may wonder how they should prepare for such a journey. Our five tips for doing a Grand Canyon bus tour with young kids can help you ensure your trip is smooth, enjoyable, and hassle-free.

Dress for the Bus Ride and the Canyon

The weather around the Grand Canyon area can vary with the seasons. Consider having your kids wear a T-shirt and even a jacket if they get chilly if you plan to visit during the summer. Dress them in clothes that will keep them warmer if you’re planning a fall, spring, or winter visit. Ensure they pack pants and a sweater in addition to a jacket.

But as you pick their clothes, ensure the garments will keep them comfortable during the bus rides. The last thing you will need is an upset child complaining about their uncomfortable clothes once you get to the Canyon.

Help Them Onto The Bus

Getting on and off the bus can sometimes be challenging for young children, especially if the bus is tall or has steep steps. Be ready to help your child board and depart the bus safely by extending your hand or offering to carry them when necessary. Communicate with your child about the importance of holding onto railings and using caution when stepping onto or off the bus to avoid any accidents.

Pack Extra Snacks

Bringing extra snacks is another good tip for doing a Grand Canyon bus tour with young kids. The little ones can become hungry at any time, and having some fatigue-fighting snacks on hand to keep them energized throughout the bus tour is critical. Pack healthy, easy-to-carry snacks like sliced fruit, granola bars, and trail mix.

Don’t Forget a Pillow

Your young ones may become tired during your trip to the Grand Canyon. You can help them catch a nap and recharge by bringing along small or travel-sized neck pillows for extra comfort. These will allow them to have more restful sleep.

Bring a Baby Carrier

Consider bringing a comfortable baby carrier along if you have infants or toddlers who are too young to walk long distances. Your tour will include walking or light hiking to scenic viewpoints, and a baby carrier will make it easier for you to explore while keeping your little one close and snug. Choose one that evenly distributes the child’s weight, ensuring your comfort.

Embarking on a Grand Canyon bus tour with young kids can be a delightful adventure if you follow these practical tips. Comedy on Deck Tours offers fun Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas for the whole family. We can show you the majesty of these wonders while keeping you amused and entertained.

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