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Tourist Traps To Avoid During Your Trip to Las Vegas

Tourist Traps To Avoid During Your Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas comes with a lot of dos and don’ts. And while the dos will outweigh the don’ts, it’s vital to understand what you should avoid so that you don’t lose precious money and time. Below, we explore a few tourist traps to avoid during your trip to Las Vegas and offer insight on where to go instead.

People Passing Out Info on the Street

When walking down the Strip and Fremont Street, temptation is everywhere, with hustlers and those looking to make a few bucks. A big thing these days is passing out information regarding tours, shows, and club passes. Still, these people are almost always scamming in some capacity in an attempt to make a profit or obtain your personal information. Avoid accepting information from people on the street by forgoing eye contact and not stopping to chat.

Club Entry Passes

Many people coming to Las Vegas are celebrating something, whether a birthday, marriage, or another sort of party. People walk the streets and offer free club entry passes, drink passes, and sometimes VIP treatment passes. It’s essential to note that the people passing these items out are not looking after your best interest.

More often than not, they are putting you in touch with the club. Once you’re at the club, sometimes these passes mean nothing. Avoid giving these people money; simply smile and nod and walk away.

Airport Slot Machines

The second you arrive in Vegas, the airport greets you with slot machines in abundance. It may be tempting to sit down and pass the time away, especially if you’re on your way home and have a wait.

Your return on these machines is significantly lower than you return on the Strip or downtown, so avoid sending money through these machines if at all possible. Many people enjoy capturing the moment with these airport machines, but it’s a quick way to go broke before your vacation begins or before you head home.

Long-Haul Rides

The easiest tourist trap to fall into that you should avoid during your trip to Las Vegas is long-haul rides. This is when you take a cab ride, and the driver takes the longest route to your destination, ensuring the meter spikes and they can cash out.

You can avoid this by using your personal GPS on your mobile device and explicitly asking for direct routes or booking a ride-share service with a transparent rate per your ride demands. People who don’t know about long hauls or the routes around town fall victim to long hauling more than they should.

After reading all of this, you may not know what you should do in Las Vegas. Comedy on Deck offers real experiences, no gimmicks. Our Hoover Dam comedy bus tour is complete with an already-organized ride, adventure, and full access to the Dam’s features. Book a tour with us and avoid falling victim to scammers on the streets of Sin City.

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