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How To Make the Most of Your Trip to Las Vegas

How To Make the Most of Your Trip to Las Vegas

A mini getaway to toasty Las Vegas, Nevada, is nothing short of a jam-packed and memorable trip. There is so much to do here that tourists often feel overwhelmed and discombobulated by the long menu of options. In this article, we explore how to make the most of your trip to Las Vegas with a handful of insider tips.

Pack Functional and Practical Clothing

You might want to grab your best outfits and neatest shoes, but these items will only serve you for temporary outings. Your trip to the desert will include heat, dry air, possibly gusty winds, and a lot of walking. Grab the outfits you want, but don’t forget functionality and practicality. For example, you’ll probably need a pair of quality and supportive tennis shoes in addition to casual attire for walking around.

If you have a rough draft of an agenda before your arrival, use this to plan your outfits accordingly, packing what’s going to be the most comfortable. The last thing you want is to wear heels or stiff shoes while walking miles on the Strip. However, you could consider using a backpack or large handbag to carry an alternative footwear or clothing option in case your plans change.

Get off the Strip and Away From Downtown

More than likely, the lights and glamour of the Strip and downtown area drew you in, and understandably so. But there is so much more to Las Vegas than the glittering lights, casinos, and showgirls. Challenge yourself to spend a day or two off the Strip and away from the downtown area to explore the life outside of these tourist traps.

There are countless hiking locations in the area that offer some rugged mountain climbs, quintessential desert views, and one-of-a-kind terrain. Or head to the Lake Mead area to enjoy cool waters and relaxation. While there, don’t forget to check out the Hoover Dam!

Invest in an All-Inclusive Tour

Investing in an all-inclusive tour is one of the best ways to get out of the hustle and bustle of it all and open your eyes to new experiences. A Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas is an excellent option. It features full tours of both locations, meals, and a secure ride to and from with enough time to come back to your resort and enjoy a dinner or relax.

These tours offer exceptional opportunities to explore more of the desert without worrying about any of the details. Book your experience with a reputable tour company in the area and avoid scams or street cards.

Make Reservations Where Possible

Before you hit the ground running, consider mapping out or planning some of your meals to save yourself valuable time. Making a reservation for the places you know you will see or patron is a great way to ensure you experience what you want to and avoid long waits. Failing to do so could result in stressful and disappointing last-minute plan changes.

Finding a new place to go that doesn’t have a long wait time can rain on your Vegas parade, so make the reservations or call ahead to verify wait times. Planning in this area offers you a set schedule and provides a larger party with more structure if you’re meeting up for a meal or attending a show together.

Split Your Days Into Segments

Though it’s not common advice to split your days into segments, it will help break up your trip and divert severe fatigue. The reality is the desert sun is different than a Midwest or East Coast sun. In as little as an hour or two, you may experience fatigue, dehydration, or confusion.

All of these symptoms are manageable, but if you break your days into segments, you can mitigate these issues from potentially ruining your trip altogether. Consider having a morning experience, followed by a break at your resort’s pool or hotel room. Then, adventure off for an afternoon experience.

If you book an all-inclusive tour, it may fill your day, leaving you with an evening of relaxation or a nice dinner somewhere. Regardless, don’t be afraid to break up the days to avoid fatigue. A jam-packed Vegas trip is a lot to take in for anyone! 

Don’t Underestimate the Distances

One of the best nuggets of advice that many Vegas-goers underestimate is the distances between structures. Consider Las Vegas an optical illusion of sorts. It looks like something is only a two- to three-minute walk away, but it might realistically be about a mile away. The result? You will need to walk 20 or more minutes to get to where you’re going unless you’re mindful of your distances.

Many people rely on ride-share or taxi services to go longer distances and save their feet. But if you’re not looking to go broke on rides, pack the sneakers and a sun hat and be mindful of how you plan your days and time.

Think About a Weekday Getaway

People often overlook the weekdays when planning a trip to Las Vegas. But you can make the most of your trip here by considering a weekday getaway instead of a weekend getaway. The weekdays are less busy, which means fewer wait times, less foot traffic to contend with, and less rowdiness overall. Additionally, some of the rates and fares are less expensive during weekdays as tourist companies and services adjust for the lower demand.

It’s worth noting that going during a less busy time doesn’t mean you won’t experience any other tourists. Las Vegas is a revolving door with non-stop departures and arrivals 365 days a year. But coming to town on a non-weekend can make a difference if you want to save a few dollars and avoid a few crowds.

At Comedy on Deck Tours, we want you to get the most out of your trip to Las Vegas. That’s why we offer the valley’s most affordable and exciting experiences. Our tours take you off the Strip and away from downtown to enjoy some of the nation’s most iconic tourist destinations. Book your tour today!

How To Make the Most of Your Trip to Las Vegas


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