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Fun Ways To Celebrate the 4th of July in Las Vegas

Fun Ways To Celebrate the 4th of July in Las Vegas

The warm sun and the refreshing pools make Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the most visited establishments in the summertime. Guests experience magnetic energy and unmatched memories at this well-loved destination. If you booked your Las Vegas flights for the Fourth of July, we’re here to help you celebrate with this list of fun ways to spend your time.

Make a Splash at the Pool

The pool parties surrounding this fun summer celebration are like no other pool experience you’ll encounter. You can visit your resort’s pool or explore a different resort. No matter what, you can fully expect to enjoy the blazing desert heat, refreshing dips in the pool, and a few delicious beverages. The celebrations for this historic holiday amp up near the pools, so grab your sunscreen and a nice pool hat because you’ll need them.

Take In the Views With Fireworks

Fireworks are among the most important pieces of the Fourth of July puzzle. And you can expect Las Vegas to deliver an iconic firework show. No matter where you stay or where you go, the fireworks that pop up all over the desert take over the night sky. However, you may want to consider a rooftop location to soak in the views surrounding the valley.

Get Some Laughs In on a Tour Bus

Between the pool parties, holiday festivities, and long nights watching fireworks, you’ll be happy to know that spending a day on a well-organized tour bus is one of the best ways to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Taking a Hoover Dam comedy tour with lunch is an excellent way to leave the valley, take in the all-encompassing views of the Dam, and make it back in time for an evening of more celebrations. This all-inclusive tour is complete with comedic relief, historic storytelling, and a cushy drive through the desert.

Celebrate With Comedy on Deck Tours

Comedy on Deck Tours is your premier destination for all-inclusive bus tours. We’re here to help you celebrate the Fourth of July the right way in Las Vegas and operate 365 days out of the year. Book your bus seats now, and we’ll see you there!

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