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Fun Things To Do in Las Vegas for Your Anniversary

Fun Things To Do in Las Vegas for Your Anniversary

Heading to the desert for a romantic getaway with your partner comes with the unique responsibility of findings things to do. There is something for everyone in the desert, but the endless menu of options can be overwhelming. Here, we discuss a few popular and fun things to do in Las Vegas for your anniversary that you’ll never forget.

Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris

Paris Las Vegas is one of the best recreations of Paris, France. Here you can retreat in romance with dinners at the Eiffel Tower restaurant, view the cityscape on the observation deck, and take countless photos.

There isn’t one bad view for a photo together, and there are typically enough people around to have someone capture it for you. The energy in the atmosphere embodies similar energy to the real deal, so lean into the romance with one another.

The Gondolas at Venetian

If you’re looking for an intimate and slow ride through the water, consider the gondolas at The Venetian. The waters are crystal clear, and the ambiance is romantic. The rides take you through the Grand Canal Shoppes, with breathtaking architecture and many shops and restaurants to scope out.

You can rent a private, two-person ride, book a four-person gondola, and make it a double date. Don’t forget to capture the moment.

Tour the Area

Las Vegas and the surrounding area offer excellent tourist attractions, rich in history and relevancy. Just a quick 45-minute ride from the heart of Vegas is the Hoover Dam. Travel a little farther about four hours, and you can experience the Grand Canyon. Both historic landmarks pave the path for US tourist attractions and are available via tour agency, so you don’t need to rent a car.

Explore Red Rock

Red Rock offers expansive rusty mountains with clear skies and crisp air. You can head to the scenic loop for a driving tour or hike around Calico Basin just outside the valley. You can’t go wrong in any Red Rock location.

Exploring Red Rock for your anniversary in Las Vegas is an opportunity to do something fun and challenge one another to something new if you don’t live near mountains. This is also a private activity, so you two can talk, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company.

Bellagio Conservatory

The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden is open year-round and offers an astonishing interactive display fit for the season. One of the key highlights is the attention to every detail and that it’s free to experience.

It’s an excellent place to take couple’s photos, though you may need to shuffle with the crowd. When you’re done, find a romantic place to eat to celebrate your anniversary. This area of the strip features some of Vegas’s most upscale eats.

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