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4 Romantic Places To Propose in Las Vegas

4 Romantic Places To Propose in Las Vegas

Finding an ideal location to get down on one knee and pop the big question is a significant part of creating lasting memories of your engagement. What makes a proposal unique to each person is finding one special spot that captures the personalities and interests of each individual. Here, we explore four romantic places to propose in Las Vegas that are ideal for a range of budgets and interests.

Bellagio Fountains

The fountains at the Bellagio Casino and Resort offer many opportunities for the perfect proposal. The fountains run every half hour for roughly ten minutes at a time and feature lights, music, and artistry. This gives you ample time to get down on a knee and elaborate on your love for your partner.

The sidewalk on Las Vegas Boulevard fills up quickly near the fountains, but a sidewalk path also wraps up and around the area, featuring shops, fine dining, and luxurious decor. This is the ideal location for a sunset proposal; if you want to make the moment last a bit longer, consider making a dinner reservation at one of the nearby dining locations ahead of time.

The Eiffel Tower

If you can’t travel internationally, stop by the Eiffel Tower at Paris Hotel to view one of the most romantic places to propose in Las Vegas. This replica offers guests a full Parisian experience with a glistening Eiffel Tower, fine dining, and immaculate views of the landscape and neighboring casinos. Reserve a table at the Eiffel Tower restaurant that overlooks the beautiful scenery and pop the big question.

Bellagio Conservatory

Depending on the weather and your personal interests, you may find the Bellagio Fountain less enticing. Consider heading inside the Bellagio for a walk through its seasonal conservatory. The conservatory is accessible to all and rotates seasonally with lush florals and a decorative theme.

The intricacy of the conservatory makes it a sight to see for anyone, but it can serve as the perfect backdrop for lifelong photos of that special moment. Regardless of season or day, the conservatory presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy a moment as a couple.

The Grand Canyon

For some, the lights and glamor of the Strip aren’t as appealing as nature or mountain views. Hopping on a Grand Canyon West Rim bus tour ensures a day full of well-organized tourism designed for those looking to enjoy all the grandeur of the canyon.

With the canyon behind you and the silence of the mountains surrounding you, it becomes easy to take a moment to plant roots in your relationship and start a new journey. Neither of you will forget the grand gesture of a Grand Canyon proposal.

Comedy on Deck offers year-round bus tours to and from the Grand Canyon. Reserve your seats on one of our buses and make your proposal one to remember! Comedy on Deck plans the day for you, so all you need to do is practice your speech, remember the ring, and pop the big question. 

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