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Why The Grand Canyon West Rim Is A Must Visit

When the Grand Canyon is depicted on television or in films, it is typically the South Rim that is on the screen. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is stunning, but most people are unaware that there are other areas of the canyon that are often even more breathtaking.

Definitely visit the West Rim if you want a more pristine Grand Canyon experience. There are some breathtaking vistas that you will only find on this side of the Grand Canyon that you must not miss.

Here Are Reasons Why The West Rim Is A Must-Visit: 

  • Fewer Tourists

Due to its lower annual visitor count of one million compared to the South Rim’s five million, the West Rim is more accessible to tourists. This implies that you will have more space to snap those Instagram-worthy photos and will have the freedom to explore the region without having to contend with large crowds of people.

  • Closer to Las Vegas 

Compared to the South Rim, which is five hours away from Las Vegas, the West Rim is only a 2.5-hour journey. As a result, day visits and visitors with limited time are especially well-suited to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Note that the Grand Canyon West section is off-limits to private vehicles and that the routes leading to the West Rim are less developed than the ones leading to the South Rim. This is why we advise you to go on a Grand Canyon West Rim bus tour. Comedy on Deck Tours offers a bus tour from Las Vegas to the West Rim, with a full itinerary and experienced tour guides that will surely give your money’s worth. 

  • You can fly there!

By helicopter, it takes 45 minutes to travel from Las Vegas to the West Rim. Your journey will take you over the Hoover Dam and beautiful desert and mountainous scenery as it heads toward the Grand Canyon. Remember to bring your camera!

  • Better and warmer temperature 

The summertime average temperature is above 100 degrees due to the West Rim’s position, which is at a little lower elevation than the South Rim. While the temperature during fall and winter is comfortable from 64 to 89 degrees. 

  • Home to picturesque viewpoints 
    • Visit Guano Point to get a nearly 360-degree view of the canyon and breathtaking Colorado River views.
    • Explore the eagle-shaped rock formation at Eagle Point.
    • The Skywalk is a must-do if you want to experience walking in the air. It is a clear glass horseshoe-shaped promenade that offers a unique panoramic view of the canyon.

Are you looking for a bus tour to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? Contact Comedy on Deck Tours or call 702.384.3325 to book your trip today!

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