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Things To Know Before Visiting The Grand Canyon

Beautiful landscape, plentiful wildlife, and challenging hikes can all be found in the Grand Canyon. However, in order to get the most out of your tour and get your money’s worth, there are ten things you should know before visiting this iconic Arizona National Park.\

Here are 5 things to know before visiting the Grand Canyon:

  • Better to plan in advance

You will not miss out on anything if you plan ahead of time! This will also allow you to choose the things you want to do as well as when you want to go, whether during peak months or not.

Comedy on Deck Bus Tours provides a detailed itinerary that includes everything from hotel pickup to tours of all of the West Rim’s must-see attractions! So plan ahead to ensure you receive that once-in-a-lifetime experience!

  • Pets are not permitted

For all the pet-lovers out there, as much as you want your pet to experience this trip with you, because of the extreme weather, pets are not permitted on this excursion. Due of the large number of tourists, bringing your pets may result in accidents involving runners, hikers, visitors, or wildlife.

However, assistance animals are permitted; however, it is strongly advised that you check in with the Backcountry Information Centre to help mitigate any potential hazards for you, your pet, and other visitors.

  • The north rim closes for winter

Because the canyon is so large (4,926 km2), it’s no surprise that deciding whether to visit the North or South Rim is difficult. 

While the South Rim is open to visitors all year, the North Rim is closed from December to May during the winter season. Keep the weather seasons in mind if you wish to visit the North Rim!

  • Never approach wildlife

If there is one thing to remember, its to never feed those sweet and adorable rock squirrels.  They may appear charming begging for food, but they’re the canyon’s most hazardous critters.

  • Aim to see the sunrise or stay for sunset! 

Seeing the sunset could be the cherry on top of your visit! The sight of the sun rising or setting, as well as the paint of hues on the sky, will certainly leave you speechless, so plan to stay late or arrive early to experience this breathtaking sight.

Excited to see the Grand Canyon up close and witness all the beauty it has to offer? Book your Grand Canyon West Rim bus tour from Las Vegas today at Comedy on Deck Tours. 

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