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Things To Do At Grand Canyon West Rim

Things To Do At Grand Canyon West Rim

Although the Grand Canyon is renowned for its beautiful landscape, few people are aware of the fascinating activities available only at the Grand Canyon West Rim. Comedy on Deck Tours offers a Grand Canyon West Ultimate Tour that will surely get your moneys worth. From families to adventurous explorers to casual viewers, everyone will be satisfied after this one-of-a-kind adventure! The following list includes all of the exciting and fun activities that are available to everyone. 

Must-Do At Grand Canyon West Rim:

Grand Canyon Skywalk 

This is not a walk for the faint of heart. The Skywalk bridge is perfect for adrenaline seekers, as the 2.5-inch thick glass is the only thing that keeps you from 4,000 feet drop to the bottom! The glass bridge stretches over the side of a canyon which provides a near 360 degree view. 

But, keep in mind that the surface of the glass bridge is safely reinforced, with a capacity of 71 million pounds (equal to 6 million average size male elephants!). So why not face your fears while admiring the gorgeous scenery?

Guano Point

Now if you are someone who enjoys a good view and good food, the Guano Point is perfect for you. This pyramid-shaped monument provides the most stunning and expansive views of both the Colorado River and the Canyon. This is perfect for those instagram lovers as the photo opportunities are endless! 

A dining experience will be available to you at the edge of the canyon while enjoying an up-close view of the canyon. Comedy on Deck Tours provides lunch skip-the-line access, which is a unique and valuable feature given that restaurants sometimes have long lines.

Helicopter Tour

If witnessing the canyon from the West Rim isn’t enough for you, perhaps a helicopter flight is in order. The helicopter tour lasts 45 minutes and takes you above the canyon, the Colorado River, and the Hualapai Tribe. Taking this journey will leave you speechless as you take in the grandeur from above! 

Bus tours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas are a fantastic opportunity to take in all of these unique experiences! Contact Comedy Deck on Tours or call 702.384.3325 to book your trip today!

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