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The Dos and Don’ts of Visiting the Grand Canyon

The Dos and Don’ts of Visiting the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, with almost six million visitors annually. Some people might think a rocky, mountainous hole in the ground couldn’t possibly be that exciting. However, the allure and grandeur of the Canyon make it one of the most humbling sights anyone could lay eyes on.

The best way to see all the Grand Canyon can offer is hopping on an all-inclusive bus tour with experienced guides and access to some of the park’s best features. In this guide, we tell you the dos and don’ts of visiting the Grand Canyon so you get on the tour bus with confidence and excitement—all hassle-free. Let’s go!

Do Wear Comfortable Walking Shoes

The good news is that if you stay in Las Vegas for a few days prior, you should already have a good pair of quality walking shoes. It doesn’t matter what they look like or who made them, just that you have them and trust them to take on mileage. When at the Grand Canyon, wear these comfortable, enclosed shoes so you’re capable of tackling any walking without worrying about your feet.

Also, factor in the type of tread the shoes have to make sure you’re walking on stable footing. You won’t be stepping off designated walkways and out of the group, but it’s still worth noting that you’ll want sturdy, safe, and comfortable walking shoes.

Don’t Forget To Pack Water

A common thing many people forget to pack is enough water. This is not because they don’t know they need to drink water but more so because they underestimate the effects of the dry Arizona heat. In the desert, the sun can sap your body’s moisture levels much more quickly than in more humid conditions. Therefore, it’s best to double the amount of water you normally drink to avoid experiencing unexpected dehydration.

The best way to ensure you’re packing enough water is to bring a small, lightweight backpack to carry a large canteen or a few bottles of water. You will spend several hours on the tour bus, but you’ll also spend several hours at the Canyon and in the heat. The bus ride is an excellent time to hydrate before you step out into the grueling heat.

Do Wear Sunscreen

As we mentioned above, you’ll spend several hours at the Grand Canyon, and it’s no surprise that there is not a lot of shade. Other than the bus ride to and from the park, you can expect to spend the majority of your time in full sun and heat.

You can wear a hat with a chin strap to avoid losing it from the wind, but also consider packing and wearing sunscreen so all your bases are covered. Your preferred SPF will suffice. Just don’t forget to apply it during the bus ride to the park so you’re ready to enjoy the experience upon arrival.

Don’t Leave Your Group

Visiting the Grand Canyon in a group serves a few purposes, a significant one being everyone’s safety. Many people feel the urge to explore independently and wander around as they wish, but they don’t want to leave the trails or lose their group.

The benefit of using a reputable tour bus company is the unique accessibility you’ll have when touring the Canyon. This accessibility means you don’t have to leave the group out of fear you’ll miss something. Chances are you’ll see everything—including things you didn’t know existed—because you’re with a certified tour bus company, experienced guides, and a large group.

Do Bring Souvenir Money

Your tour bus expense will cover the cost of getting to and from the Grand Canyon, a meal, and your entry to the park. But you will need to bring your own souvenir money if you’re interested in bringing some mementos back with you.

There will be an opportunity for the group members to make purchases if they wish, but you’ll need to cover these expenses yourself, so bring enough money. You might also need or want to purchase a snack and an extra beverage, especially if you don’t pack enough water and realize you need more.

Don’t Leave the Main Walkways

As we’ve mentioned, you shouldn’t even feel the need to step off the park’s designated paths; the guided tour will ensure you see all that’s worth seeing. However, you should also know that leaving the main walkways poses a significant safety risk to you and the Grand Canyon itself. The trails are marked off for everyone’s safety and wildlife preservation.

You may not see much wildlife, as the park’s many bustling visitors urge wildlife to hide in peaceful pockets of the landscape. But Grand Canyon wildlife does exist and enjoys its home terrain, so it’s essential to respect that you are visiting these creatures’ home by not meandering where you’re not permitted.

Do Book With a Reputable Tour Company

There are a lot of tour companies around the Vegas Valley that will offer a wide range of packages for your excursions. But finding a reputable company can ensure you get the most bang for your buck and that your experience is worth your while.

Comedy on Deck offers all-inclusive Grand Canyon comedy tours with premier park access, comfortable ride accommodations, and multiple sit-down meals. Plus, our tours bring you back to Las Vegas in time for the evening. This allows you to count on a fully organized day off the Strip and away from downtown without worrying about the details.

Only the right tour companies can accommodate you this way, so be mindful of these details when you reserve seats. These full-day tours also often offer a pit stop at the Hoover Dam, so it’s an excellent opportunity to accomplish both bucket list items with ease. You’ll be amazed at all you see and accomplish when you book a full tour with the right company.

This list of dos and don’ts for visiting the Grand Canyon is yours to keep. We wish you nothing but a lifetime of memories in one of the world’s greatest wonders. Reserve your complete comedic tour bus experience with Comedy on Deck today and see more than Vegas lights and hot summer nights.

The Dos and Don’ts of Visiting the Grand Canyon

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