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Summer Season Tips When Visiting the Grand Canyon | Comedy On Deck Tours, Las Vegas, NV

Summer Season Tips When Visiting The Grand Canyon

Summertime! The busiest season for visitors to the Grand Canyon is when many make the most of the chance for quality time with their families presented by their children’s summer vacations. One of the most well-known national parks in the world and one of the seven natural wonders of the world is the Grand Canyon. It should come as no surprise that summer is now the busiest season of the year. Expect lots of tourists and long, sunny days with temperatures ranging from 40 to 85 degrees. 

Comedy on Deck Tours offers a bus tour from Las Vegas to the Canyon, including a full West Rim Tour itinerary. But before you book your trip. here are a few reminders so that you can enjoy your travels to the canyon, especially if the weather is likely to be super hot! 


5 Tips For Visiting The Grand Canyon In The Summer:

  1. Wear durable and comfortable footwear

The secret to a fantastic Grand Canyon excursion is to dress for the weather, and that involves wearing comfortable shoes. Even the Grand Canyon’s most populated areas, like the South Rim, contain rather rough terrain. You will need to wear athletic footwear such as hiking boots, athletic walking sandals and running shoes are all suitable options while new shoes that can give you blisters, beach slippers and footwear with any type of heels and are not suitable.


  1. Wear thin layers

Wearing light layers will help you stay cool, especially in the summer. But be mindful of the harsh sun. Lightweight clothing that will protect your skin from the heat and keep you from becoming sunburned is the most appropriate to wear. It will be best to wear shorts, a light shirt, and a hat.


  1. Apply sunscreen 

It’s summertime now and nothing hurts more than the piercing sting of a sunburn! Sunscreen will be your new best friend when visiting the Grand Canyon. The weather could be quite harsh depending on the time of day you decide to visit. To ensure that you can fully enjoy it, apply sunscreen as needed to prevent unpleasant memories from your trip, like a nasty sunburn!


  1. Stay Hydrated

When you know you’ll be outdoors engaging in outdoor activities for several hours, staying hydrated is crucial! Not only that, dehydration is also frequent at the Grand Canyon due to the extremely dry air, so you may experience thirst sooner than you would anticipate. Therefore, maintaining hydration is crucial for maintaining a healthy body temperature. We’re certain you don’t want to miss any of the canyon’s scenic views by passing out from thirst!


  1. Wear your sunglasses

For those fashionistas who want to take those instagram-worthy pictures, might as well wear your sunglasses to not only look good for the pictures, but to also protect your eyes from the scorching sun in the summertime when visiting the canyon. 


Are you ready for your summer trip? Comedy on Deck Tours offers a bus tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Contact our team at 702.384.3325 to book your trip today! 

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