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Grand Canyon Attractions: West Rim vs. South Rim

Grand Canyon Attractions: West Rim vs. South Rim

The Grand Canyon is a great spot for adventure-seekers and nature-lovers—in fact, it’s one of the best in the country. With so much to do and see at both the West Rim and South Rim, deciding which one to visit can be difficult. Here, we’ll compare the West Rim versus the South Rim so that you can choose the Grand Canyon attraction that’s right for you.

Exploring the West Rim

The West Rim is the closest to Las Vegas, and it offers some of the most unique attractions. From the world-famous Eagle Point Skywalk to the incredible views from Guano Point, there’s plenty to keep visitors busy and intrigued. Hiking trails offer spectacular views, and the Grand Canyon West Airport has helicopters available to take visitors on air tours.

It’s worth noting that if you’re interested in an air tour, you’ll need to coordinate these plans outside of our Grand Canyon West Rim bus tours. The bus tour will take you to the rim for exploration, but it does not cover additional excursions. Still, the West Rim is one of the most-visited attractions, and it remains a top spot with close proximity to Las Vegas.

Exploring the South Rim

Located near Flagstaff, Arizona, the South Rim provides a more traditional experience of the Grand Canyon. There are plenty of hiking trails with breathtaking vistas as well as mule rides for those looking for a slower journey down into the canyon. A historic lodge offers lodging and dining options for visitors.

Exploring the South Rim may be better suited for a non-bus tour trip or a non-Vegas adventure. The South Rim is more challenging to get to for those coming from Vegas, and Comedy On Deck Tours does not offer tours or visits to the South Rim.

Which One Is Right for You?

Both the West Rim and the South Rim offer their own unique Grand Canyon attractions and experiences, so it really comes down to your personal preferences, traveling needs, and existing plans. The West Rim is closer to Las Vegas and perfect for people looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure without the need to spend a lot of time planning.

The bus tours offered through Comedy On Deck Tours are complete with a meal included, so taking a tour with us to the West Rim is a popular option. The South Rim, on the other hand, is more traditional and ideal for people looking to take their time and enjoy the outdoors on their own from a different starting destination.

Book your seats on one of our tour buses and get ready for a Grand Canyon experience like no other. We offer tours 365 days a year, so don’t hesitate to tag along!

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